We get some great emails, it just shows how Good Rays Beef Jerky is.
Ray's Premium American Jerky

The Elk Jerky loving vegetarian
Michelle Kustes :: I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years now. Why? Not for any reason except I just don't like the taste and consistency of meat. Recently, a friend had a bag of your Elk Jerky. I have to confess that I tried the Elk Jerky and am now addicted. In fact, I ate the whole bag. SHHHHHH. The  flavor was spicy and I liked the texture. I usually come home from work tired and starving, but after eating the Elk Jerky that day I came home with so much energy and I wasn't running for my next meal! I'm a super active person who likes to hike, bike and ski so now I'm psyched because I can take the Elk Jerky on all my adventures. I can't say that you've converted me because you have not.  However, now when people ask I say I am a vegetarian except I eat Rays Elk Jerky.

David and Susan :: Just wanted to let you know how much I love your Beef Jerky!! I'm a truck driver and I travel throughout all 48 states and Canada.  I've tried any and all kinds of Beef Jerky and I've learned that good jerky is hard to find. I've bought jerky anywhere and everywhere, including from some Indian reservations, and I'll tell you that yours is without a doubt, the BEST!!! It's not stringy or tough and you've got the seasoning JUST RIGHT!!  We've bought other brands in the past that claim to be "The World's Best" only to fling it out the window! I'm glad somebody finally got it right!! Thanks again for the REAL World's Best Beef Jerky!!

Kelly Mriss :: My husband, daughter and I were traveling through Colorado this past October.  We came upon your stand while going through Montrose.  I just wanted to share that we think your jerky is outstanding! I ordered some for Christmas and gave it as gifts, perfect for the Atkins dieters in the family.  Everyone loves it.  I just placed an order for another pound of the Jalapeno, my favorite!! I'm sure there will be many orders to come. Thanks for making such great products.

Tom Jay :: I took a bag of your Desert Hot Jerky back country skiing above Red Mountain Pass, Colorado the other day. That stuff is GOOOOOD! It's a perfect snack.  It kept my energy level up for those long slogs up the mountain. The flavor made the wind chill factor back up and run away.  Good Job!

Roger Cook :: On behalf of me and my friends we wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to test your jerky.  We were soaking at Orvis Hot Springs late one night back in mid January and you gave us a package of your Jalapeno jerky to try out.  There was a unanimous vote of "YUM" amongst us.  The Jalapeno was hot enough for good flavor, but didn't overpower the meat.  The low fat of the meat was especially evident as we were pleased not to have to scrape the fat film off the roofs of our mouths when we were done.  The quality and taste of the meat we felt were very high and were enjoyed by all. I even saved a little for my buddy to try back home in California who makes his own jerky, he gave your jerky exceptional marks also. 

Gina :: Just wanted to let you know, that a couple of weeks ago I bought three packages of your jerky, the Jalapeno, Teriyaki, Desert Hot - well they were a hit in my household. All three bags were gone within a 24 hour period. We would have to say our favorite was the Desert Hot.

Hillary Strickland :: Ray's Teriyaki Beef Jerky is better than any drug.  If I could live off of just Ray's Jerky I would.  I'm so addicted.  I make three hour trips to buy the jerky. Try one bite and you'll fall in love.