Meet Ray

I came to Colorado from my hometown of Columbus, Ohio in 2002 with the dream of selling the world's best jerky. Despite a successful commercial real estate career in Ohio, something was amiss in my life. I wanted to make my living in a way that mirrored my lifestyle, my passions and my conviction in an outstanding jerky product.

I packed up my belongings to start my big adventure out West, seeking a new life and the American Dream. A friend jokingly called it my "vision quest". For three months, I traveled and explored Colorado in my pop-up camper.

I found my new home in Ridgway, Colorado, nestled between Telluride and Ouray. This area offers incredible natural beauty and a steady flow of hikers, bikers, hunters and campers which created a logical demand for the portability, convenience and healthful benefits of flavorful, tender jerky. I had found my starting point.

I sold my jerky from a roadside tent in front of a local gas station in downtown Ridgway for 7 months. My jerky is made from whole strips of tender American beef and the locals soon began calling my jerky "the good stuff." "Ray's Good Stuff" became my company name and I moved my operation into a retail space in Colona and expanded my line of jerky products.

Today I have nearly 50 products in my line that includes jerky and homemade candies and my products are available in more that 150 retail outlets throughout Colorado and other western states. I'm always adding new products and expanding the availability of my products.

It has been a challenging and satisfying venture, but the best reward is hearing how much people enjoy my product. The company's success would not have come without the understanding and support of my family and friends. I thank them for spending many hours listening and brainstorming with me and for being there with me every step of this exhilarating journey.

Most of all, I would also like to thank my customers for helping to make my vision a reality. Now there is no distinction between work and play for me. Every day is more enjoyable because of your support.

Thank you for buying my products!